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SmartCircle Chest Fly

SmartCircle Chest Fly

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The SmartCircle Chest Fly will target the chest muscles, specifically the pectoralis major. This exercise can help to build strength and tone in the chest.

Tailor made
This product will be tailor made for you. This means you can use any color combination you like. If you have special requests please let us know.


Length: 1780 mm
Width: 690 mm
Weight: 91 Kg

Delivery time

This product will be tailormade for you. The delivery time is about twelve weeks.

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Trained muscles

The SmartCircle Chest Fly can improve overall fitness and performance in activities that require upper body strength, such as pushing, pulling, and lifting.

Reducing the stress
It also allows for a more controlled and isolated movement, targeting the chest muscle specifically and reducing the stress on the shoulder joint.